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Bred since Etruscan and Roman times, the Chianina breed is typical of the Val di Chiana, recognizable by its porcelain white coat. It is considered one of the most prized breeds in the world and its meat is characterized by a bright red colour and a reduced percentage of fat, around 2%. Among all cattle breeds, the Chianina is the largest and some of its oxen are known to weigh up to 1700 kilos.


This breed from the Marche region is the result of a crossbreed between the Podolian cattle of the central Apennines and the Chianina and Romagnola breeds. It is characterized by a white coat with grey patches on the shoulders and around the eyes. This hardy breed adapts perfectly to pasture in hilly and mountainous environments. The meat is tender and with a good level of marbling.


This breed of ancient origins is typical of the region of Emilia-Romagna, particularly in the provinces of Forlì, Ravenna, Bologna, Ferrara and Pesaro. It has a light grey coat tending to white, with typical grey patches on parts of the body. Its high-quality meat has a good level of marbling and a reduced amount of fat, around 2%.


The Maremmana breed descends from the grey Podolian cattle, which for centuries lived in the marshy areas of the Maremma adapting to harsh climate conditions and scarcity of fodder. It is characterized by a grey coat, darker in the male and lighter in the female. Its meat is tasty, with a low level of fat and an excellent balance between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.


It originated in Bourgogne, in particular in the areas of Charolles and Nievres, and is considered the most important French meat breed. It has a cream coloured coat and a pink muzzle. Adult males weigh over 1.200 kg while the females weigh around 700-900 kg. The meat is tender, tasty and with the right amount of fat and marbling which makes it particularly juicy.


An indigenous breed of medium size which developed in the area around the province of Cuneo, where for centuries it was used as work force and for the production of milk and meat. The coat is white in the female and grey and corn yellow in the male, with darker patches on the head and shoulders. The meat is very tender and is characterized by excellent nutritional values, with a level of fats around 1%.


An ancient breed of cattle which originated in the Limousin region, in South-Western France. Adult oxen and cows reach a weight that ranges from 10 to 12 quintals and 5.5 to 8 quintals respectively. Its coat is golden-red to brown, darker in the male and lighter in the female. The long periods of pasture make the meat particularly lean and tender. With a low content of saturated fat compared to unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Macelleria Mariani

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Macelleria Mariani


Macelleria Mariani Macelleria Mariani


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